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Transparent Waterproof Glue with FREE Brush

Transparent Waterproof Glue with FREE Brush

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Quick and Easy

Quick and simple to use, with an amazing waterproof effect. Strong waterproof sealer seals and fixes damaged surfaces quickly and easily!

आज सभी ऑर्डर पर ब्रश मुफ़्त पाएं

Powerful waterproof sealant easily and instantly seals & repairs broken surfaces.


💧 Waterproof Power: Brave the elements with our glue's unbeatable waterproof formula. Rain or shine, your projects stay secure and intact.

🖌️ Precision Brush Applicator: Say goodbye to messy applications. Our built-in brush offers precise control for a clean, smooth application every time.

🛠️ Multi-Surface Magic: From wood to metal, ceramic to plastic, fabric to glass, our glue bonds strongly to a wide range of materials. Your go-to adhesive for every project!

💪 Strength & Durability: Our advanced formula ensures a strong bond that withstands wear and tear, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Weight436 g

💪 Lasting Waterproof: An upgraded waterproof formula with higher viscosity, and stronger adhesion, the waterproof and leak-proof effect is remarkable. High temperature and low-temperature resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Healthy & Environmentally Friendly: The test does not contain harmful substances, it is non-toxic, odorless, environmental protection, and safe for children and pets.
Easy to Use: Lightly wet the surface to be repaired, apply sealant with the brush (included), and allow 6-8 hours to dry completely. Apply a second coat of sealant for a better and longer waterproof effect.
Suitable for waterproof constructions of cement surfaces, metal, ceramic tile, marble, wood, plastic, and other surfaces. Widely used in toilet gaps, ceramic tile gaps, windowsill, balcony, exterior walls, ground, bathroom, kitchen, roof, etc.

आज सभी ऑर्डर पर ब्रश मुफ़्त पाएं

Seal & Repair Broken Surfaces In No Time!

Waterproof Invisible Adhesive is a revolutionary water-based rubberized paste that completely seeps into cracks & seals any broken surfaces, forming a 100% watertight barrier for a long-lasting repair finish.

100% Toxic-free, odourless, and causes no damage to the applied surfaces.

आज सभी ऑर्डर पर ब्रश मुफ़्त पाएं

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